Healthy Lifestyle Motivation

Healthy Lifestyle Motivation

One of the biggest problems is keeping yourself motivated to keeping up the new exercise and eating healthier plans you have started. Listed below are some points to help you maintain your new lifestyle:

Set goals that you can reach – We would all like to have a flat stomach and rippling muscles but when you start out on any fitness plan try and set your goals realistically, if you set goals that are beyond your means then chances are that you will become bored and lose interest.

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Visualise success – On days when you are struggling to keep up your routine and are making excuses for not exercising that day try and visualise how you will feel when you have reached your target for the month.

Monitor your progress – keep a diary or journal or download software to your computer where you can keep track of your accomplishments, you can look back at the progress you have made and see just how far you have come.

Work out with a friend or your partner – Sometimes working out alone can become boring, try and work out with a friend or your partner not only will you have someone to keep you company while you work out but you will be able to encourage each other also.

Watch TV or video – If you are exercising in your own home then try watching the TV while you peddle the exercise bike, you might be surprised how many miles you can peddle while watching your favourite soap operas.

Put some music on the stereo –
 If your exercise routine won’t allow for watching TV then try putting your favourite music on the stereo and sing or hum along to it.

Stay Hydrated and don’t push yourself too hard – Remember to drink plenty of water before and while exercising this will stop your body from becoming dehydrated, if you feel tired then stop your routine for the day.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing – It doesn’t matter how you look while exercising, the main thing is that you feel comfortable while doing your routine.

Make your exercise routine a habit – You eat at specific times; watch TV at specific times, go to and from work at specific times so try and get into the habit of exercising at regular times too.

Don’t feel too guilty – If you miss your routine for one day then try not to feel too guilty about it just brush it off and start again the day after. But don’t make a habit of it.

Every little bit helps – The mere fact that you have made a start at improving your lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating is something you should be proud of even if you only do 10 minutes per day.

Try a varied daily exercise routine – Repeating the same type of exercises every day four or five times a week can get a bit tedious, try and include different exercises in your daily workout such as cycling one day, walking the next. This way it won’t become boring and you’re more likely to stick to it.

Use equipment that you feel comfortable with – If you don’t feel comfortable using the rowing machine then don’t use it, you don’t have to use it just because it is there, only use equipment that you feel comfortable using.